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PSA: Convention Etiquette and Safety (AMKE)

A few friendly reminders to help make your convention safe and fun for everyone!

  1. Respect fellow conventioneers. Be courteous, be friendly. Respect personal boundaries. Ask for permission for a hug, a photo, etcetera. This includes glomps!
  2. Be careful with your own and others’ cosplay. If you’re cosplaying, you know how much time and money can go into it - often with a fragile end result. You wouldn’t want your hard work ruined, so don’t take the risk with someone else’s.
  3. Don’t block hallways and doorways. As I understand it, the Hyatt sold out. This convention is going to be BUSY. Keep it safe, let people through.
  4. Listen to convention staff, especially security staff. If they’re telling you something, it is probably important.
  5. Don’t leave possessions unattended! Purses, bags, props, loot, valuables, all should be kept on hand or locked in either your room or the Bag Check. The Hyatt also has lockboxes available at the front desk for guests.
  6. Respect hotel staff. A convention is unabated, unusual chaos for them. The Hyatt is a four-star hotel, so treat it and its employees as such. It’s not out of place to tip housekeeping, and the tidier you can keep your room, the better it is for you and for them. This goes for other hotels as well if you’re not staying at the Hyatt.
  7. Keep it clean. This goes for your language as well as your body and your costume. There will be little ones, so keep the language under control, and con funk is a dangerous thing. Hand sanitizer goes a long way, showers go even further!
  8. Stay hydrated. This is a winter convention so dehydration isn’t as much as a problem as a spring or summer con, but you WILL sweat. Staying hydrated improves comfort and mood!
  9. Report problems to con staff or hotel staff as appropriate.
  10. Kids, please behave. If you’re attending by yourself or if your parents aren’t around, think about what they’d say. Reel it in, mmkay?
  11. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Accidents happen, and a convention can be as stressful as it is fun. If something happens, please don’t assume the worst.
  12. Don’t hate! You will see people cosplaying things you don’t like, and you will see people being stupid. But they’re there to have fun, just like you. This goes double with regards to the Homestuck fandom! I’ve seen people complaining about us. I swear we’re nice people, and we have interests besides the comic. It’s weird and injokey and disturbingly popular, and also very insular, but we’re just people and we enjoy relating.

Stay safe, stay sane, and have fun, everyone. See you there!